New Construction

REvest Capital

New construction projects are complete scrapes. We fully demolish the existing structure and build a brand-new home on the lot.

S Gilpin St. Denver CO

We knew the seller personally on this property so we benefited from a quick, easy sale directly with the owner. By not using realtors, we were able to save the seller about
6% in commissions.

Alcott St. Denver CO

The layout on this house was very awkward and needed to be fully demolished. The only thing salvageable was the high-end stone the previous owners had stacked in the backyard.

Grove St. Denver CO

Another awkward home with cat holes cut into every single door. It sat on a large lot that was already zoned for a duplex, which was the best use for the space.

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S Williams St. Denver CO

This was a pocket deal from our realtor’s friend, who had owned it as a rental for years.