Our restoration projects mostly consist of basic construction. Some include small layout changes by moving a wall or two; these are quick cosmetic changes with big results.

With even just a small addition, we have been able to completely change the feel and layout of a home. These projects consist of an increase in square footage as small as 200sf and as large as another level or floor.

New construction projects are complete scrapes. We fully demolish the existing structure and then build a brand-new home on the lot.

Many of our single unit rentals needed minor touch-ups to increase value.

We have started small with our multi-unit portfolio by repositioning less than 10 unit buildings with creative financing and profitable strategies. We are currently growing into larger 50-200 unit buildings to add to our portfolio.

Grove St. Denver 80211

Grove St. Denver

New Construction

Another awkward home with cat holes cut into every single door. It sat on a large lot that was already zoned for a duplex, which was the best use for the space

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