Single Unit

REvest Capital

Many of our single unit rentals needed minor touch-ups to increase value

S. Holly St. Denver CO

We own two units in this complex that rent for 1,300/mo. and 1,400/mo. Since purchase, they both have more than doubled in value.

E Iowa Ave. Denver CO

By renting each bedroom/bathroom individually, we are able to bring in about $600 extra in revenue per month more than had we rented in as one home.

Avenida Rubio, La Quinta, CA

This has been rented both long-term and as a vacation rental for events such as Coachella Music & Arts Festival, Indian Wells Tennis Tournament, Stagecoach, golf tournaments, and other events.

43rd St. Orlando, FL

We spent about $16,000 on renovations and then immediately turned it over to a property manager as a rental in which we made about 11% annually on our investment.

Avenida Obregon, La Quinta, CA

Located near our other vacation rental, this property was fully renovated before renting it out.